Discussion: What Are You Willing To Do For Love?

Love is weird, that’s something we’ve pretty much already established. At any given moment we’re either blissfully in it, hating it, apprehensive of it, wanting it, worried about it, or resigning ourselves to forever alone status because we can’t deal with it anymore. And contrary to all this love advice that flies at us from every direction, it always seems like there’s no real “right” way to go about love, because one method doesn’t fit everyone and every relationship is different.

On the other hand, everyone has a threshold. A balance. A breaking point. A list of things they would or would not do for what they believe is or can be true love.

But figuring this out can be difficult, namely because in our culture we have two simultaneously dominant, completely opposite yet equally loud views on love: 1) love conquers all/is worth sacrificing for, and 2) if love inconveniences you in any way, don’t do it. Romantic comedies and eternal optimists will have it that we should “tough it out” in favor of true love, whereas the more rational-minded among us are wary of any emotional endeavor that makes us break too much of a sweat.

So the question, I suppose, is this: what’s worth it? More importantly, who is worth it? What are you willing to give up and what are you willing to forgive? What makes you want to ignore a potential red flag, and what makes you take notice of it? What are you willing to put up with and what are you willing to change? How do you know you’re doing it for the right person? Do you think, given certain circumstances, you would ever prefer to settle?

What is the ultimate risk you’re willing to take? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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