20 Songs For Your Twisted Love: A Playlist

These are love songs, sort of — they’re songs for your dysfunctional love. These are songs for the endless back-and-forth with the one who gives you whiplash: the one you wish you could understand, the one you wish could understand you, the one that got away and the one that won’t leave you alone and the one you can’t get enough of. They are songs for the person you want to leave and you don’t want to leave and who only ends up leaving their keys in the ignition or their bag on the floor. These are songs for the love that kisses you hard on the mouth and spits in your eye. Without further ado, please enjoy these songs for your twisted love.

Lana Del Rey – “Off To The Races”
The Sounds – “Queen Of Apology”
The Pretty Reckless – “Make Me Wanna Die”
Au Revoir Simone – “Sad Song”
The Sounds – “Hurt You”
Lady Gaga – “I Like It Rough”
VAST – “Pretty When You Cry”
The Raveonettes – “You Hit Me (I’m Down)”
The Cranberries – “Animal Instinct”
Jack Off Jill – “Love Song (The Cure cover)”
Urban Voodoo Machine – “Love Song #666”
Bright Eyes – “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”
Bif Naked – “The Question Song”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Our Time”
The Raconteurs – “You Don’t Understand Me”
Cat Power – “Don’t Explain”
Porcupine Tree – “Remember Me Lover”
Metric – “Collect Call”
VAST – “Flames”
The Pretty Reckless – “You” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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