25 Reasons I Didn’t Respond To Your Message

1. Your OKCupid profile doesn’t have a picture.

2. You said hi. And that’s it.

3. You’re soliciting me for group sex.

4. You asked me to marry you.

5. You accused me of being a man because my dating profile is too well-written to have been created by a woman.

6. You told me how gorgeous/beautiful/sexy I am in the first sentence.

7. You addressed me as Hey Gorgeous/Beautiful/Sexy.

8. You told me you love [insert body part here].

9. You asked what I’m wearing right now.

10. You mentioned that you’ve had a little too much to drink tonight.

11. You told me I must be a freaky girl because I’m a redhead and ALL redheads are kinky.

12. You messaged me again 10 minutes after your first OKCupid message.

13. You made a “Call Me Maybe” reference.

14. You asked if I would be into something “casual.”

15. You spelled “cool” with a K.

16. You said you have nothing interesting to say.

17. You told me not to be intimidated by you.

18. You used the wrong form of “you’re.”

19. You saw that I have a cat and asked if you could “pet my pussy.”

20. You said I’m out of your league.

21. You’re under the age of 21.

22. You used a million punctuation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. You said you were hoping I had a large porn collection.

24. You asked me to look you over “like a piece of grade A prime cut meat.”

25. I’m allowed to be a little shallow and, to be honest, I’m just not physically attracted to you.

Your turn, TC readers: What are some reasons you just haven’t been into that guy or gal on OKCupid? Why didn’t you respond? Sound off in the comments. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – OkCupid

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