Read This If You’re Having A Bad Day

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Hey, you!

Yes, you reading this.

You are more than your bad days. You are more than your unfinished assignments and your Netflix binge history. You are more than your uncompleted to-do lists and that voice at the back of your head saying you’ll never make it.

Because guess what? You will.

Maybe your dreams are gathering dust while you make ends meet. Or maybe your love life’s in a rut. It’s easy to feel like these temporary things define your life. But they don’t.

When these negative thoughts start to take over, I want you to follow my lead: Think back to your greatest accomplishment. Think of the one thing you’re most proud of.

Was it the day you got that job? Or the day you got into college? Maybe it was the time you faced a fear. Maybe it was the day you moved away from home. Or maybe it was an act of kindness or the bravery in trying something new.

It could be something more personal, like the day you gained the confidence to approach a group of strangers. Maybe you met your best friends or significant other. Maybe you went on a new adventure. Maybe you went outside your comfort zone and survived to tell the tale!

The point is, the options are unlimited. No matter how big or small these accomplishments were, pride was a powerful feeling.

If your past self could see you now, how would they feel? What would they say?

Well first, they’d probably gasp at the sight of your new hairdo. Or maybe that makeup trend you’re now rocking was frowned upon back in ’08.

But most importantly, they’d tell you to give yourself a break. Because at this very moment, you’ve achieved things your past self only dreamed of. Past you would be jumping up and down at how much you’ve changed! (And probably reaching for some makeup remover.)

So the next time you’re having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right, don’t worry about future you. Future you will be fine. Despite your greater belief, future you will not fail their degree, lose their job, or retire as a crazy cat lady.

And you know how I know that?

Remember when I got you to remember your greatest moments? Remember that feeling?

Well, take that feeling and apply it to past you—that’s how they’d feel if they could see you now.

What’s to say you won’t feel that way again?

Bad days don’t define you. After all, you’ve beaten all of them so far.

And at the end of the day, future you only remembers the good ones—you should know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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