6 Reasons Why Meghan Trainor And I Are Destined To Be The Perfect Couple

Confession: This time last year, I really didn’t know who Meghan Trainor was. I knew the song All About That Bass was big, but I didn’t know who sang it or anything about Trainor.

Since last year, I’ve listened to more of Trainor’s music and I’ve yet to find a song I dislike. I also find her very attractive. So this is part fun article, and part Hail Mary date proposal for Trainor, but here goes nothing:

1. I’m a drummer.

Trainor came out with a song Bang Dem Sticks, which is about a good-looking drummer she is attracted to. My looks are up for debate, but I do play the drums. That’s got to count for something, eh?

2. She’s a doo-wop fan.

I’ve long said that I have an old soul, and my love of Motown and Doo-wop is a big part of that. The Temptations, Jackson 5 and Four Tops would blow any of these pop bands out of the water.

Trainor’s hit Dear Future Husband sounds eerily like the Dion and the Belmonts hit Runaround Sue, and definitely has that old-school sound embedded in the pop surrounding it.

It’s nice to see someone even younger than me (she’s 21, I’m 26) appreciate that kind of music. We’re a rare breed nowadays.

3. She is gorgeous.

From her figure, to her looks, to her eyes, to her height (5-foot-2, yasssss), every inch of her is perfect from the bottom to the top (I promise that will be the last song lyric pun I make) and she’s comfortable in her own skin, making her even more of an attractive person.

Not sure if that really factors into why we would make an excellent couple, but she’s just my type. I have no idea what her type is, but we’re halfway there. Although…

4. I kind of look like Charlie Puth.

I was watching the Dear Future Husband video seeing all of these guys come and go and I thought, “I wonder what her ‘guy’ looks like?” Then, in the last scene, this young, lanky fellow with a part in his hair shows up at her doorstep with a pizza.

I’ll just leave this here…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.12.13 AM

I also love pizza, for whatever it’s worth.

5. We can literally work together.

She’s a singer, songwriter, and musician. Like most humans on this planet, I find singing to be a ridiculously attractive quality in someone. As a writer, I respect the talent it takes to put something together and have it succeed. As a musician, we can jam together… or she can teach me how to play the piano.

Now, do I think a Grammy-nominated songwriter needs any assistance from someone with no experience? No. But maybe she needs a hand with public relations. Maybe I’ll inspire her to write a song. Who knows?

6. I’m not afraid of commitment.

At the time of this post, I’ve listed to Title over 1,000 times between the EP, acoustic and “I Heart Radio” performance versions after only downloading it over the winter. (I regret nothing.) I love the song. It puts me in a such a happy mood.

That said, part of the reason I love Trainor’s music is because I think she sends a lot of positive messages to girls — especially in this song. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being friends with benefits; but for girls who want more, they should expect more.

Some guys don’t want to be “tied down” or anything. I’m not in that group.

I planned to go to the Sept. 13 concert in Atlantic City, since I’ve never seen her perform live before. If she accepts (via Twitter, Vine, Instagram, carrier pigeon; whatever), maybe we can grab a slice some time. What do you say, Meghan? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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