10 Struggles Of Being Either Really Lazy Or Really Driven (With No In-Between)

Some of us weren’t blessed with the genes to be even-paced individuals in life. We can’t live life at 55 miles-per-hour; we’re either moseying along in the right lane or flying by you in the left. It’s not a glamorous lifestyle, but ain’t all bad, either. Here’s what we go through.

1. We wait last minute until projects are due, then turn in masterpieces.

Whether we’re given a week or a month to do something, the days and weeks pass until it’s “No sleep till… the project is done.”

We enjoy a brief moment of accomplishment, then hate ourselves and swear we’ll never do it again. Eventually, the vicious cycle starts all over the next time we’re given a deadline.

2. The laundry piles up, then we spend one day cranking it all out.

When I tell my friends, “I’m doing laundry,” they’ve learned that it’s an all-day production. Doing one load every couple of days sounds like a good idea, but for us, it’s simply not an option.

3. Post-it notes for days.

We make to-do lists and write reminders on anything we can find because if it isn’t written down, it’s probably not getting done.

4. We can feel like a blob after 10 hours of sleep, or feel like we’re on speed after three hours.

Maybe part of this has to do with the timing of sleep cycles, but more often than not, I usually feel more well-rested and productive after only a couple of hours sleep as opposed to sleeping in.

5. We’ll go HAM for something we want, but NGAF for something we don’t.

Whether it’s in regards to a person, a task, or an object, if we want something, we’re going to do everything in our power to get it and/or do it well. If it’s something we have to do, we’re probably going to do the bare minimum just to get it done.

6. We tend to hate working in groups… unless the people in them are like us.

We’ll be the people that start mapping out every detail and deadline of a project the second it’s assigned, then realize we’re the only ones who are going to do anything in it. Reverting back to No. 1, these are the times when those last-minute, all-night projects are produced.

If we’re in a group of people like us, the thing will probably be done weeks in advance because we all just crank it out immediately and don’t want to have to deal with it going forward.

7. Oddly enough, we probably work in high-stress jobs.

We’re extremely career-driven. Whether it’s because we want or need to make money, or because we love our jobs, we grind away at work.

So, when we’re off, a lot of times we want to do absolutely nothing; partially because we want to relax, and partially because we just don’t have the energy to do anything.

8. We’re the “holiday” gym members.

You know those people that go to the gym for a couple of weeks in the winter and then never return? Hello.

We really want to go, but once we miss one or two sessions, the downward spiral becomes a free-fall real quick.

9. We work around our own schedules.

It’s going to get done, believe me, but it’s going to happen on our time.

10. We pretty much have to be in a relationship with someone like us.

Opposites attract to a degree, but not for us. We want people who have the same lazy-driven gene so that: (a) we can kickback together during down time; (b) feel like a dynamic, unstoppable duo when doing obscure stuff like running errands or household chores; and most importantly (c) we don’t feel weird for being the way we are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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