5 Reasons It Rocks To Be The Sober Friend


So, a few weeks ago I published a piece on why it sucks to be the sober friend in your group. I felt it was only fair to list the reasons it’s awesome to be the sober friend. Let me just clarify and state that I personally think it’s better being the sober one, but I’m biased. Anyway, here we go…

1. You save bank, bro. I joke with my friends and even people that I’m just meeting for the first time that I have the most fun per dollar spent out of anyone. There are times I can spend as little as $3.00 during a night out, and that’s for the meter. Other than that, I’m perfectly content on drinking water for the night. If I feel like drinking soda and/or grabbing a slice or two while we’re out, maybe I’ll spend like $15.00 for the night. Not too bad, if you ask me.

2. You’re alert. I’m always on high alert at a club. I’ve seen way too many stupid fights break out and, thankfully, I’ve never been in one or caught in the middle of one. Being sober in a hostile situation means that you will react faster than you would if you were sober. Not to be too overly dramatic, but it could save your life.

3. Watching drunk/high people is (sometimes) hysterical. Yes, there will be times when you can’t stand to be around them, but there are also times where it just comical to watch them act like idiots. Even better? You’ll be able to remind them of how stupid they looked when you see them again.

4. You don’t need to worry (as much) about doing something stupid. This piggybacks off of No. 3, but it’s true. If you’re sober, you’re probably not doing anything really stupid; which means you don’t need to worry about someone filming you or taking pictures of you doing something stupid; which means you don’t need to worry about it showing up on the Internet and then getting fired at work on Monday. Do you see where I’m going with this?

5. You are automatically the designated driver — This is also one that was on my “Reasons It Sucks To Be The Sober Friend” list, but that’s because it has its advantages and disadvantages. No, I do not appreciate you assuming that I’m not drinking, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be spiteful and not drive. Besides, if the night goes really well (i.e. You take someone home) or really bad (i.e. Someone pisses you off), guess who’s got the wheels? Plus, it shows that your friends respect you and trust you with their lives to get them home safely… and that’s not being overly dramatic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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