4 Reasons You Should Spend The Night


I don’t know why some people have this phobia of spending the night with someone; be it a one-night stand, someone you’re dating or someone you’re in a relationship with. For those defending the one-night stands, you two already shared your bodies; now all of a sudden you draw a line at sharing a bed/night together? C’mon now.

While listening to “Hello, You Beautiful Thing” by Jason Mraz on a loop, I came up with a few reasons why you should spend the night:

1. Turn down for what?

Whether you’re just turning in for the night or ending an all-night sexfest, laying down together and doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other’s company is pretty great.

2. Lose yourself in the moment

Everything seems safer when you’re cuddling with someone. When you lose yourself in the moment, the world just seems like a better place. Again, if you’re defending the, “Well, if you just met them and had a one-night stand with them, you don’t know if they’re a serial killer or not” logic, maybe you should have thought about that before you slept with him or her.

3. Rise and shine

Can we all just agree that nothing is better than that out-of-the-blue session the following morning? Depending on where you are in your relationship with this person (one-time thing, occasional date, exclusive), degrees of this will vary. If you’re still new to spending the night with one another, it will probably start with a make-out session before getting to it; but if you’re really close with your guy or girl, you will make a much better wake-up alarm than their phone.

4. Au naturel

Granted, most guys don’t wear makeup, so however you see us at night will likely be how we look in the morning (Note: this is not counting for how impaired your vision may be the previous night). Guys, you’ll get you see your girl in a different light, with minimal to no makeup left on and all of her inhibitions thrown aside. In any case, guy or girl, you will see another side of the person that most people never see. Congrats. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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