5 Things Suits And Women Have In Common

How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series
How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series

1. One size does not fit all. Some men like smaller women, some men like bigger women; some men like tall women, some men like short women; some men like— you get the point. To each is own.

2. Custom-made is the way to go. Don’t settle for the one that feels pretty good; go for the one that makes you look and feel your best.

3. Maturity. Most of the time, a man who can afford a suit, take care of a suit and pull off a suit; means they are likely at a point in life where they can also handle a relationship. Like a suit, being in a relationship costs money. Like a suit, treat your women with care. If you look good in a suit, chances are you’ll look damn good with a woman under your arm.

4. Being unique says a lot. A man who can pull off a purple suit (I see you, Chuck Bass) obviously has a ton of confidence and likely doesn’t care much what people think. A man who dates a woman who some classify as “weird,” he may find “interesting.” And no, he likely doesn’t care much what people think.

5. The right one will turn heads. If ZZ Top says that every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man, that’s pretty much all the confirmation you need, right? In all serious, though, it seems to be common logic: women love a man in uniform or a guy who is, indeed, a sharp dresser. The right suit will cause some men to look at you with envy and will catch most women’s attention. The right woman will catch some women’s attention and will cause most men to look at you with envy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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