Dramatic Texts I Sent My Friends During Finals Week

7:17AM: I’m delusional. Which way is up?

7:18AM: What is the meaning of life and for the last time, why does the light exist?!?

7:20AM: Okay it is time for bed I just got weirdly philosophical with myself about how weird it is to know people. Like to KNOW people how you KNOW them. But to KNOW them. Like how do you know a person

7:22AM: Omg I think my brain is swimming

7:24AM: I feel like my body is sinking into my bed and being wrapped in a cloud or a pack of fluffy puppies

7:26AM: I need sleep like I need sleep.

7:26AM: That was the best simile I could come up with.

7:34AM: I am 110% a zombie there is no turning back I made the transition. Goodnight cruel world.

2:55PM: Resurrecting my body from the ashes. The world is spinning before my very eyes.

2:58PM: Never in my life have I ever been so dead.

4:35PM: I’m having weird bodily pains.

4:35PM: Do you think I’m dying for joking about being dead??? I can’t handle the emotional stress of being smitten by the universe right now.

7:45PM: Just finished my final and my hand is actually a claw it is a shriveled up claw with a claw like appearance

7:59PM: This is a cruel world and I’m not sure why it is always working against me.

8:02PM: I’m getting the dinner then having the good cry then having the rebirth a la a phoenix

8:45PM: I haven’t gotten out of bed yet because I can’t

8:47PM: I am the most sun dried raisin to ever walk the earth

11:07PM: I can’t tell if the girl behind me in the library is laughing or crying or both but she is the manifestation of my inner monologue right now.

11:18PM: HELP.

11:39PM: I either have had too much sugar today or I really am about to cry I’m trying to remember what that difference feels like

11:41AM: HAHAHAHAHA hahaha

1:14AM: That’s it. I’m dropping out. There is no other option. It’s been real. Bye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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