Know When To Leave

If you ever feel like your a person who establishes boundaries not everyone understands, don’t fret…. you’re one of the intuitive ones.

You are the sole person responsible for keeping you alive and well. You recognize yourself as the gate keeper of setting healthy boundaries within your life, this includes turning the page on people and atmospheres that hinder your growth. You were given the ability to be curious and explore. You are always capable of making better decisions than the one before. You realize with trust in yourself how to navigate the rough moments in life.. You are reading this because clarity and self awareness are two of your prominent acts of love you bring to this world.

There is grace in knowing when to leave a party. It is so important to trust your instincts. Not everyone and everything deserves a goodbye.

There is bravery in acknowledging a toxic friendship and parting ways. These things are difficult but necessary for transformation. History is great but there’s something to be said for not repeating the past with a ‘frienemy’. Pay attention to the loyalty and compassion of those you surround yourself with.

Adulthood tests each of us in ways no elective prepared us for. It shows great wisdom to exit interviews and quit jobs that don’t serve our heart’s purpose. It is okay to try something out and be done when you realize it doesn’t fulfill you because that will never change.

It is being kind to yourself that will save your soul and make you feel safe in this chaotic world. There’s beauty everywhere but if you give your time and energy to things that exhaust you, you will falter to pause and take in the wonder.

Tend to your garden of life.  The unique experiences you deem important that make you who you are. What does it include: Self growth, career fulfillment, travel, friendship, family, good health, relationships, money?

Would you allow weeds to invade the lovely garden space and take nourishment from your flowers? Weeds can only infiltrate where boundaries have not been laid. It’s not always going to be easy to protect your experiences (flowers)  from  toxicity (weeds) but you can be vigilant. You can be honest with yourself when you or others have overstayed a welcome.

Treat the things that are important to you with respect and awareness. Knowing when to leave and what to dig out of your garden is a virtue.

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