Read This If Your Life Is Falling Apart

Chaos struck my life in the span of a month. I lost loved ones, discontinued childhood friendships, moved back in with my parents, left my job, and got diagnosed with HPV.

I anticipated feeling grief, defeat, anger, and overwhelming anxiety.

I anticipated developing a victim’s mentality.

Instead, I decided to turn the page and focus on gentle reflection and positive affirmations. I became who I wanted to be. I felt transformed. I felt exhilarating possibilities and moments of healing daily. The boundary I was sad about losing was the same bookend keeping me from falling off the shelf.

I became free from the status quo.

People searched for evidence of sadness and desperation in my voice. They searched for the same predictable behavior I had exhibited during less trying times. They searched for a sensitive and dutiful child who ached for approval from them.

They didn’t find what they came for.

The loss of a loved one taught me the importance of connecting to family roots and embracing tradition as an expression of compassion. My discontinued playground love helped me understand not everyone can be present during all eras of your growth. Moving home humbled me and gave me space to relax. Leaving my job challenged me to keep moving forward with confidence and clarity. Getting diagnosed with HPV gave me patience and trust that all consequences are opportunities to make a change.

I wanted to shake others from their inability to accept transformation.

The greatest self-love is shifting with life’s experiences and giving yourself acceptance to redefine what it means to be “you.”

Your brand can change from workaholic to nomad without guilt looming overhead. Your self-image can change from fiancé to friend without tearing your confidence at the seams.

Do not reserve yourself for the places that no longer serve you in hopes you’ll be welcomed back again. Your worth does not alter as you deviate from the beaten path to the path overgrown. Walk with gentle brushes of your hand parting the wildflowers as you look for an undiscovered place to bloom.

With flexibility to life’s low points, we can bend to avoid being broken. With resilience and kindness towards yourself, you can change direction without starting over.

With genuine support, I hope you stay curious on your journey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Intuitive, empathetic, silver lining kind of soul.

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