In The Vast, Cerulean Sea, You Are All That I See

David Solce
David Solce

You are like the ocean and the calmness it brings,
Its serenity, grandeur, complexity, and depth among other things;
I find comfort in the vast, cerulean sea,
Just like how I uncovered refuge in us, just you and me.

With you, I learned how to dive into the abyss,
While floating freely in the tides,
Riding gracefully along the waves,
And dipping further into the waters.

Your love grew so deep, I started sinking,
And I have discovered a new world underneath,
It was something I’ve never seen before, similar to a daydream;
I swam some more, hoping to reach a much greater splendor,
Until I couldn’t see anything anymore and I’m already in the unknown.

Then I realized that the current grew stronger,
I tried to fight back, but it pulled me down even deeper.
That was when I started drowning,
There was panic, as I was rapidly falling.
With all that’s left, I pushed myself a little higher,
But the pressure grew bigger until it dragged me under.

I don’t know why I never got out of the water,
I never got to the shore to fix things and make them better.
If only I knew what I needed to do,
Maybe we would have been still together.
But I guess this is already our final chapter,
Perhaps in another lifetime, we’d know the answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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