You Are No Longer A Star In My Galaxy



I was once a girl who was simply a lone star in my own galaxy.
I existed in almost an empty space, shining so brightly,
not minding the distance to any other planets and constellations.

One fine day, you came along and joined me in the galaxy I was in.
You made my world better.
The stars started shining brighter,
the constellations finally aligning together.
Rays of light were everywhere.
The spark between us grew stronger and eventually,
the flame burned hotter, as the days have passed.

Then a meteorite hit the little universe we have created together,
destroying every piece, leaving us with nothing to spare.
From being almost becoming one, to now being a thousand light years apart.
Suddenly, it was like the big bang theory.
It was dark, pitch black.
Poof, everything was gone.

And just like that, you are no longer a star in my galaxy.
I am no longer a planet rotating within your orbit.
We now live in a different universe,
under different suns and moons. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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