This Is What She Notices When She Falls In Love With You

Aidan Meyer

When a girl falls in love with you, she’ll notice how your face lights up when you smile. She’ll notice how you blink your eyes when you look into hers. She’ll notice how you move your lips when you tell her that you love her. She’ll notice how you hold her hand while you’re both looking somewhere else. She’ll notice every little thing you do, trust me.

But you know what’s hard when she falls in love and notices everything?

She’ll notice when there’s a slight change in the way you talk to her. She’ll notice when you’re feeling bored and you don’t wanna talk to her. She’ll notice when you look away and she’ll feel like you don’t wanna look at her anymore. She’ll notice when the way you move your lips when you say I love you changes. She’ll notice when you don’t hold her hand anymore and she’ll eventually feel like you don’t wanna be with her. She’ll notice it. She’ll notice everything. She’ll notice it and it’ll break her heart.

And when she finally notices how much you’ve changed, it will make her feel down. Stress and depression will hunt her, and it will give her sleepless nights. It will make her think day and night, and it won’t stop until she gets the courage to close her eyes without thinking about what she has noticed. She won’t stop, until you tell her what’s wrong, until you come back to being who you were when you were still both happy and strong.

When she notices it, it will break her heart piece by piece, and the saddest part is, you won’t notice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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