Love Yourself, Properly

image - Flickr / Franca Gimenez
image – Flickr / Franca Gimenez

Yes. All women should be proud of their body and shouldn’t be afraid to show others what they’ve got, right? Women should wear whatever the fuck they want because I know this is a way to reflect one’s personality and express oneself. A word of caution, what this whole idea lacks? Self-respect.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that self-respect is something that can never be neglected or overlooked. If you respect yourself well enough, would you walk around the city streets showing too much skin and underwear? And yes, there should be limitations on how much skin you can show. Would you post a photo of yourself on the social media exposing certain areas that shouldn’t be exposed and then wind up with explicit comments of men wanting to sleep with you? You don’t have to show the whole world every parts and bits of your body. Don’t worry child, your face is beautiful enough for everyone to see.

Women should get all the respect they deserve — and that is all the respect in the world. If you are a woman, then you deserve to be respected in any way possible. But remember, it begins within yourself. Always be elegant and keep your head up. As Emma Watson would say, “My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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