10 Things Your Girlfriend With Trust Issues Wants To Tell You

1. Before I became like this insecure/clingy/doubtful girlfriend that I am, I was once like you – full of trust, confidence, hope, love. But these had all been shattered into pieces when once upon a time, the person who meant the world to me, broke my heart, soul and whole being – making me re-think over and over what the fuck did I do wrong to deserve this hellish pain.

2. Whenever I get angry and territorial with you, please don’t fight back. Hug me. Kiss me. Tell me non-stop how much I mean to you. That’s all I need, really.

3. Please don’t tell me how pretty that girl, who’s sitting right across from me, looks. I would feel greatly intimidated and I would be playing that conversation in my head until I fall asleep.

4. Don’t nag at how much you hate my trust issues. Remember, I’m constantly hating it too. Like, constantly.

5. When I tell you to stop talking to someone because it’s making me uncomfortable, it’s actually killing me. 

6. Don’t ever think that I don’t trust you. It’s never you that I don’t trust – it’s the instability of feelings. And emotions. And … well, life.

7. Stop comparing me to other girls. It would open up the old wound that I’d so long endured.

8. I know how it feels like to be unappreciated, to be played, to be cheated on. That’s why I promise you, if ever I commit to you, I will be LOYAL to you.

9. Even when the going gets tough, I’m here to stay. I play ALL or NOTHING, baby.

10. Understand me. Be patient with me. Love me. I am worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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