6 Misconceptions About Theater Kids Explained

Having studied theatre and performing arts for eight years, there are quite a number of things I don’t do that most people think theatre kids do. Some of us are pretty indifferent to what people think we do. Below are a few things that, in a perfect world, people would keep in mind about us.

1. Not all Theatre Kids sing along to musicals or musicals-turned-into-films. In fact, I was about ready to jump the person next to me when watching Les Miserables. I’m about to watch Wicked live in a few weeks. You could only imagine my fear.

2. We don’t all clamor for the lead role. Sometimes the most fun you could have is being in the ensemble. The lead also doesn’t get all the attention. To be honest, I personally find that the ingénue pales in comparison to whoever plays the hormonal wench, villain, or comic relief.

3. Not all of us have seen all the episodes of Glee. Yeah, I’ve seen it and have at one point ripped Google apart to make sure NYADA wasn’t a real school, but it’s not the ultimate show of a Theatre Kid. I watch more Family Guy than anything else. Sometimes we just look for the light stuff. We don’t always look for drama. We have enough of that at work.

4. We aren’t all into musicals. Granted, in our training, we’ve come across it or learned about it, but some of us are more into non-musicals, and by that, it doesn’t necessarily mean Shakespeare. Some of us can’t sing to save our lives or understand Shakespeare.

5. A Theatre Kid is not necessarily a performer. Nope, believe it or not, some of us get our high from rigging lights, spiking set pieces, and digging through tons of old props in the prop rooms.

6. Some of us don’t stay in the theatre forever. To some, theatre is a learning opportunity and a foundation for careers like talent management, production, directing, modeling, event management, design, and even marketing. Yes, we’ll always be Theatre Kids, but we can be that beyond the theatre too.

This may only be a small bit of what really makes Theatre Kids tick, but at the end of the day, there is one fact I’m sure of: Theatre Kids can bloom anywhere. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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