10 Annoying Things That Guys Do

PathDoc / (Shutterstock.com)
PathDoc / (Shutterstock.com)


If you heard us the first time, please just give us a signal. Any sign of acknowledgment would be nice. Even a grunt will do.


The classic “She’s mad, so she definitely must be on her period” logic. We’re probably not on our periods, and now you’ve pissed us off even more.


Complaining that we take too long in the bathroom. There. Is. A. Fucking. Line.


Mocking our love for Taylor Swift. We listen to her because you don’t listen to us. (Granted, this one is subjective.)


Making an unnecessary comment about the size of our handbag, then proceeding to ask us to put their jackets or any miscellaneous objects in it. We aren’t going to carry your stuff if you disrespect the carrier.


Asking us to penetrate a group of girls (whom we don’t even know) just so they can get their numbers/hook up. Um, if you think it’s awkward for you to randomly introduce yourself, why would you think it’s any less weird for us to do so?


The infamous “If we buy you a drink then you owe us a hookup” attitude. We’re still going to drink this free beverage and slowly make a subtle getaway. You should know that by now.


Comparing a kick to the balls as equivalent to giving birth. Really? Did a hole in your body just stretch to the tearing point so a human could be propelled through it? We don’t think so.


Categorizing a sport as “girl sport” just because a large number of females participate in it.


Taking a “sip” of our drink. A sip is fine if it’s really just a SIP. You just gulped half of it and no, having a bigger jaw does not excuse your shitty definition of a sip. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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