Date Someone Who Puts You First

Alvin Mahmudov

Date someone who is always going to woo you. Date someone who will stop to get you your favorite flowers because it’s just a random weekday and he was thinking about you. Date someone who will always tell you’re pretty or that he loves you-not someone who will tell you that you should know that already and that there should be no need for him to tell you. Date someone who will set up surprises that revolve around your interests-because he remembers what you like and wants you to feel special.

Date someone who will work just as hard to keep you as he did to get you. Date someone who will be affectionate. Date someone who can’t fall asleep until you’re snuggled against him in his arms. Date someone who texts you good morning because you’re the first thing on his mind. Date someone who kisses you like he means it every time. Date someone who will plan dates. Date someone who is going to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Date someone who will return from the grocery store with your favorite treat just because he knew it would make you smile. Date someone who will do ‘your’ things-even if he doesn’t like them-just to see you happy. Date someone who always wants to show you off. Date someone who wants you to meet his friends and who wants you to always remain up to date with the goings on in his life. Date someone who will write you a love letter or sing you a song about how much he loves you. Date someone who will take the time to tell you WHY he loves you.

Date someone who knows that your love can grow, change, and become deeper, but the romance should remain. No one is ever too busy to leave you a quick note under your pillow or to send a quick text. No one is ever too busy to take a few minutes to plan a small surprise or to show up at your work ready to take you to lunch.

If you choose to stay together-you choose to romance each other. Even if the fights happen and the temporary distancing occurs, you still have a responsibility to romance. Romance is what keeps your relationship alive.

Romance is key for you too. Romance fails to be romance if it’s one-sided. You deserve to be his obsession-nothing less. He deserves to be your obsession-nothing less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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