Thinking ‘It Could Be Worse’ Is Why You’re Miserable

Unsplash / Luiza Sayfullina

You find yourself thinking, it could be worse. So, you settle into whatever is directly in front of you because you’re scared to find out if things really could be worse.

You stay with your unfulfilling job everyday because you know it’s bad, but at least it could be worse. You stay in that romantic relationship because you think someone else could treat you worse. You stay in that toxic friendship because it could be worse.

You stay because you fear going out and trying to find something better because what if you end up without a job, without romance, and without friendship.

Situations and others control your happiness this way. Don’t settle. Reach higher and higher.

Find that job that gives you life in the morning. Find that man or woman who always makes you a priority and loves you how you need to be loved. Find a friend group who never lets you question their devotion to you.

Please don’t assess a situation and think ‘well, it could always get worse,’ and then just carry on.

This is your brain begging you to pay attention. Something isn’t right. Leaving something behind doesn’t mean your heart forgets. Tuck away those happy memories for safe keeping and let go of the rest. Step out with a fresh mind and a fresh heart.

We change how we look at things when we change what we look at.

It’s ok to have standards and expectations. It’s ok to know what you will and will not tolerate. It’s ok to seek better. Don’t let anyone tell you what you deserve or what will make you happy. Only YOU know that. Don’t choose safety over the unknown.

Look for the better, not the worse. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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