Here Are 10 Types Of People Having More Sex Than You. (Are You One Of Them?)

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Sometimes you meet someone who’s just SO bright and cherry that you start think, Wow, they’re definitely having a lot of sex. Or, you meet someone who kind of just sucks and you think, please, can someone take one for the team and sleep with this person so they’re in a better mood? Anyone? And then sometimes you meet people and you really have no idea whether they’re getting it on 24/7…or pretty much never. But now, science is closer to answering your creepy, nosy question.

There’s an app for that! Just kidding, not yet. But, in addition to telling us who’s cheating on their lovers or who’s having about three million orgasms per week, studies are also telling us who’s getting laid on the reg.

So next time you see a Greek dude, a raging narcissist or a woman with a ton of guy friends, you’ll know their little secret. And, if you’re not on this list and bummed about it, don’t worry. This isn’t necessarily people who are more satisfied with their sex lives or more passionate in bed, just the ones getting more action than you and pretty much everyone you know. Remember, kids quality over quantity. And, if all else fails, move to Miami.

1. Greeks.

John Stamos, delicious yogurt, Santorini—just when you thought the Greeks had it all, science has to make us even more jealous with another fact—they’re sex gods and goddesses.

Honestly, who cares about not winning the World Cup when your country can boast that their residents do it more than anyone across the globe!

A Durex survey revealed 87 percent of Greeks surveyed had sex at least once a week. Next up was Brazil (obviously) at 82 percent. As for the USA? We’re pretty behind at 53 percent. Womp.

2. iPhone users.

Another reason to be more addicted to your iPhone more than you were five minutes ago—it’s what sets you apart from those sex deprived Droid freaks.

According to’s Singles In America survey, 55 percent of iPhone users said they’d had sex at least once per month over the past year. For Android users, it was 51 percent. There’s no app for that, folks. No wait, actually there’s tons.

3. Narcissists.

One fact about narcissists that’s going to make you even more annoyed at them? Science says they bang more than you—and everyone else.

According to a statistics, evolution favors the self-absorbed. So in other words, expect more kids from Kimye, stat.

4. Couples who have TVs in their bedroom.

Does that annoying couple who can’t keep their hands off each other at the dinner table happen to have a TV in their bedroom? Well, here’s one more reason to hate them: they’re having a sh*tload of sex.

A study found that those who have a television in their room get twice the action than those who do not. The reason, as you may guess, is that they can easily watch something erotic to get them in the mood. Take that, iPads.

5. Women with a lot of guy friends.

“Just one of the guys” translates to “a woman who has lots of sex,” says science. But no, she’s not sleeping with these guy friends, her active sex life has to do with sexual rivalry.

A study, published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, showed that men in relationships are more attracted to their partners when they think (even subconsciously) that they could be cheating on them. Go figure.

6. Miami residents.

If you were contemplating making the move to the city where the heat is (really) on, be assured you will be having a lot more sex—especially if you’re from Minnesota.

According to Trojan’s Degrees Of Pleasure study, Miami residents are having the most sex in the country. At 102 times a year, Miamians are 59 percent more sexually active than residents of Minneapolis-St. Paul. And the fun doesn’t stop there—they also reported the nation’s longest sex seshes: 35 minutes on average.

7. Artists and poets.

Another group who gets it on all the time? Artists and poets, It may not surprise you since artists are more liberal and progressive, but a 2005 study found that artistic communities have 233 percent more sexual partners than people who aren’t artists or poets.

Nonconformity is the new sexy.

8. Smokers.

Could one of the worst habits for your health also be the secret to an active sex life?

A study found that smokers are 10 percent more sexually active than nonsmokers. And, those who drink and smoke are almost 200 percent more sexually active than those who do neither. Smokers these days are risk-takers and often light up to relax and look sexy—and I guess it’s working. Though moving to Miami would be the healthier option.

9. Short guys.

All those ladies who have height on their list of dealbreakers, do you know what you’re missing? Well, lots of sex for starters!

study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at the sex lives of heterosexual men who have steady female partners and found that the lucky dudes getting it on the most were 25-29, less than 172 lbs — and 5 foot 9 or under. See, size does matter. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.

10. Jews.

A study found that jews and agnostics are 20 percent more active in the bedroom than Catholics and Protestants, which makes sense because there tends to be more guilt associated with the Christian religions.

Another study found that over 2X as many observant married Jewish women have sex three to six times per week as married women in general. Mazel to that! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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