20 Things I’ve Learned From Watching Horror Movies

The Ring
The Ring

1. Know the history of the house you’re in (or cabin, hotel room, etc.)

2. Know the history of the neighborhood.

3. Don’t babysit alone. You could invite a friend who is willing to share the task.

4. Accompanying “curious” children is inevitably difficult.

5. Never construct a window in front of the kitchen sink

6. Always lock the front door and make sure the keys are with you.

7. Always have a back door, or an exit door.

8. Put an emergency weapon at every corner of the house.

9. However, “keep out of reach of children”

10. Better leave as soon as you are feeling something peculiar. Nope, the tacos didn’t just move all by itself.

11. Better get your house blessed beforehand.

12. Don’t call a friend, call a priest, or better yet, call God.

13. Scream Less, Think More, Outsmart Later.

14. Never play spirit of the (insert object here.) Because objects don’t have spirits.

15. Always listen to the children’s stories. Trust me, they aren’t “imagining things” and “Bloody Bobby” is not a friend.

16. Never switch on the bedroom lights at night. You have your phone.

17. The Buddy System ain’t just for field trips. The consequence though, you’ll look less independent and more coward.

18. Listen to your “better” instincts. S/He’s the one that you never listen to, not the one who talks nicer or emphasizes the “R’s” and the “S’s”

19. Always have a “ready-packed” travel bag in case of a really bad situation. Made sure that it is not heavy enough to make you trip and fall every now and then.

20. Your best defense is faith. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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