The Things That Remind Me of You (The Things I’m Giving New Meaning To)

Life goes on, another season of a show airs, and we watch it differently each time. Maybe it’s with a new person, maybe it’s alone, or now you’re accompanied by a pet. The start of this process endured not only pain but renewed hope for places I would curate as me and not us. It required conquering one thing at a time for however long it took. The following things I gave new meaning to presented an opportunity to grow and learn beyond what I could imagine to recover from.

Chemistry isn’t something you have with just anyone. It’s a subject. It teaches you about the proper alignment and combination of atoms in this universe. You learn about the power of energies and how attractive they can be. I’d say with us, we were quite inviting of one another’s space. Yet no matter how magnetic you are, some forces are bound to repel.

Movies dance around a fictional truth that likes to loosely portray our greatest wishes in life, specifically in love. The idea of love becomes more clouded as we paint these illusions of what meeting a person can be like. If only the person staring at me from afar had the courage to spark up a conversation. If only I would to break a heel and have a man rescue me from a moving car. We were movies to one another, but the script was burnt by my candle. Now I’m watching different genres.

City mugs at the airport are coated in your name. I can’t help but get you your own. I got you Seattle, but do you remember Philadelphia? I showed you City Hall and my father’s coffee and cigarettes, but you couldn’t even remember what I did yesterday after you left. I was able to conquer the mountains and plateaus of Arizona without cursing your name into each stone I tripped upon.

You remind me of New York, a blissful dream. A place I call home yet can’t help but blame the hangover on. The rumbling of the city streets, the honking, the neighbor’s music, allure to our worst nights. Nights were I could have sworn I would have rather slept with appendicitis than see your face in distress. Yet after the tumble, I still wouldn’t choose any other place in the world. Thank you for being the home I needed the most.

When a relationship with someone ends in whatever way, there is a pathway to new beginnings. Rewritings aren’t easy, but they are a must to move on with your life. Clothes can be disregarded, but your favorite restaurant shouldn’t. I have too many good things in my life to allow it be devalued by a noun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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