Why People Who Love Music Festivals Are The Happiest People To Be Around

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Shubham Sharma

Maybe it’s the colorful array of lights during an artist’s heart thumping set. Maybe it’s the base pounding you into a well worthy headache for later. Maybe it’s the Mary Jane filled airs, echoed with variances of other’s vocal cords, and highlighter colored clothing. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t even began to describe the healing experience any person feels once part of that community.

Music festivals are known to be eccentric and exhilarating, just look at any hype video. They are, hands down, one of the best ways to see numerous, talented artists, whether they are mainstream or not, in a two to three day period.

What make music festivals goers the happiest people around is the whole healing experience about it. They say, “the people you meet in college change your life forever”; well, I beg to differ. The people you meet there bring such insight into life, how we nowadays focus too much materialistic items, and really teach you to enjoy everything in your life; good or bad.

I remember the one time I went to a music festival, I was just walking around, and someone came up to me, hugged me and said, “This is your festival, you need to smile.” In that moment, I let go of all the bullshit in my mind and issues I have with myself, and just let myself be taken by the energies around me.

You get to express yourself in ways you never imagined. You can wear whatever you want or dance however you want without judgment. If you wear a space themed outfit, with neon green fish net tights and Princess Leia inspired hair, guaranteed a girl will ask you to do her hair like that. Strangers you camp out next to end up helping you set up your tent or put glitter on your face.

You have people from all nations and walks of life coming together at one place to get away from everything you can’t control. People just become inherently sweet and helpful, influencing you to realize you can still be great in a world filled with hate.

So, bottom line is: if you ever had someone be nice to you or do a random act of kindness or gave you an intellectually stimulating conversation, didn’t it change you for the better? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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