Passion Without Love Is Empty, So This Is Why I’m Waiting To Have Sex

Why must it always come to this?
Why is it so hard for a man to understand?

All it takes is for that one simple difference for a man to run the other direction. I have had countless guys turn me down from a relationship because I am not open to the idea of sex while dating. I’m sorry, but I am saving myself for my forever love and I am not ashamed.

Guys see this one thing as us being too different. As if sex is the only thing that matters in a relationship. It blows my mind. I’m not the type of person to just take my clothes off for you to fill a need that your body aches for. It is a natural urge that every person possesses. I understand that.

But acting upon reasons for just plain pleasure brings you nothing but regret in the end.

With love comes passion. Passion without love is empty. I view sex as something only worth given to someone I have fallen deeply in love with and it is my choice to share that piece of me with. Not to boost their ego or because they feel like it is something that I am supposed to do.

Ladies listen up! Your body is a temple, so don’t give it up to fulfill a natural need to keep a man. Have more respect for yourself. To make a relationship last it has to be filled with more than physical desire. Put aside your pleasurable cravings and get to know the other person in the most intimate way: Through emotion.

Talk to one another. Learn about their dreams and goals. Take note of their personality. What are their quirks and flaws? Are they the type of person that will stay if things get hard or will they leave your heart in the dust and walk the other way?

Throwing sex in the mix before you learn who they truly are will leave you blind-sided and broken. If a man turns you down from a relationship for that sole reason, don’t rethink your priorities. Be glad that you dodged that bullet.

To have the relationship you deserve, a man needs to see you for what you are and respect that you have certain boundaries that cannot be crossed until you feel safe and secure with him.

There has to be a since of love and safety. For the lack of better words, you have to be sure this is the man you want to marry. This feeling must be mutual on all levels. Not based on the thought “if I say yes she will sleep with me.” That is just giving you what you want for a mutual satisfaction. It shows that he doesn’t really care for you in the way you thought. It’s proof that he is in that one stereotypical category that all men have been placed in. Every woman deserve so much better than that.

I’m not saying this to bash the existence of man. There are some great ones out there. Of course I have not found one that catches my attention in that way that makes me feel inconceivably lost in the clouds in love. I have come to the point to where I’m falling and quickly but as soon as I say “No sex” they say “Maybe it’s best if we stay friends.” I love having that attention from a man thrown my way. I just get tired of not having one that is in it for the long haul.

Maybe if we (meaning women) stop putting out and start fighting for our views of a relationship a little more, there will be less heartbreak. It will eventually catch on that we want more than just sex in a relationship.

There should be equal give and take on both sides. Come to a mutual understanding and find common ground between those differences. Not every person sees eye to eye. If we did, it would be a pretty dull world with none of the excitement of learning to how cope and compromise with the one that catches our attention.

Two people should be so in love that they want to wait for the person they will marry before they lose that one certain piece of them self.

It makes that first time together much more special. You are telling your love that you knew they were out there. You saved yourself for them because you want to give everything you are and all you have to just them. With every person you sleep with, a piece of you stays behind. It makes the sentiment of making love less sentimental. Let’s bring romance back to life for the sake of every broken heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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