30 Positive Affirmations To Repeat Daily In Order To Change Your Life

Kinga Cichewicz

1. I have faith in myself.

2. I believe I can achieve whatever I put my mind too.

3. I define success on my own terms.

4. I live by my own rules and make my own decisions.

5. I own my thoughts and control what I put out into the universe.

6. I truly love myself.

7. I only give positive energy and surround myself with positive people.

8. I will follow my hearts desires

9. I will allow love into my life.

10. I will create my future.

11. I choose to write my own story

12. I have faith in my future.

13. I will abandon bad habits that do not support my growth.

14. I will no longer allow fear to control me or my thoughts.

15. I am brave.

16. I am powerful beyond measure.

17. My happiness starts within me.

18. I am grateful for having my loved ones around me.

19. I no longer see obstacles in my path, only opportunities.

20. I am truly comfortable in my own skin.

21. I am proud of all of my accomplishments.

22. I follow my dreams.

23. I let go of negative thoughts and fake stories that are conjured up in my mind.

24. I no longer overthink situations.

25. I am patient and I know that it is with patience I can achieve my goals.

26. I am a beautiful person inside and out.

27. I have so much to offer the world for I am intelligent, I am kind and I am generous.

28. Amazing things are going to happen in my life.

29. I will stand in my truth and seek full self-acceptance.

30. I will remain optimistic and be the hero in my own life. TC mark

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