5 Honest Reasons Why It’s Completely Okay To Be Selfish

Jayden Staines / Unsplash

1. You are putting yourself first

This is not to say that you are only out for yourself. You are not isolated from the world. You do not dismiss those around you. But there comes a point in life when you realise that putting your own needs, wants and desires first is your responsibility. You can not idly sit by and allow your dreams to fall by the wayside. In order to be the best version of yourself you have learned to take the necessary risks to achieve what you want out of this life. You had to be selfish to come to this realization. You are number one in your world, not number two or three. You are selfish enough to focus on the importance of manifesting your dreams into a reality.

2. You fight for what you want

Society shapes the world around us. It defines how we should live our lives. Society has encouraged us to want more of everything. From the latest iPhone, to cars, to money, fame and power. While there is no shame in material gain, how often do we chase disposal items or social media likes to be more admired by those around us? However, you have learnt to separate society ideals from what you truly crave. Instead you fight daily for what you want and you had to be selfish to do this. This takes courage. To not be a person who does everything to please family, friends or colleagues in order to pursue their hearts desires is true strength.

3. You are focused on yourself

Being selfish comes with negative connotations. It is usually summed up as someone who is self-absorbed, greedy and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. But you are the opposite to this. You are self-focused and not self-obsessed. Your main priorities include your career goals, your physical, emotional and mental health. Instead of putting all of your energy into negative distractions you have instead created a space to make the time for self-growth.

4. You know your value

You have set boundaries for yourself. You know what you are willing to accept and what you will not tolerate. This self-confidence could not have been achieved without being a little bit selfish. With increasing confidence comes greater self-esteem. This should not be confused with arrogance. Arrogance equates to low self-esteem. You have a come a long way battling insecurities, challenges and fought through bad experiences. Your confidence is growing each day. You no longer have to seek validation from anyone because you know who you are.

5. You are selfless

You are your own biggest hero. You are your own cheerleader. You know the importance of being self-aware. By being more aware of oneself you become more in tune with your personality, your emotions and your motivations. This way you are able to understand people and in turn become more selfless. But to get to this place you had to be selfish. To truly be selfless and to give back to others you first have to learn how to give back to yourself.  You have to love and care for yourself wholeheartedly before you can truly give that same amount of love and care to others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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