10 Little Signs You Are Absolutely Living Your Best Life

Ieva Urenceva

1. You are going for what you want in life

You have come to the realization that we only get one life. So this is your time to go out in the world and get what you truly desire. You no longer believe in the mediocrity of just existing. Instead you are pushing towards your dreams and accepting every opportunity that gets you closer to your goals.

2. You have let go of limiting beliefs

That voice of self-doubt that would tell you that you are not good enough, that you are not capable, that you are not strong enough is the voice that you no longer listen to anymore. You know that a limiting belief system is what has held you back for too long.

3. Your health is a priority

To lead a fulfilling life you know that looking after your health is a priority. You believe in the importance of self-care and taking care of your body from the inside out is the key to success.

4. You appreciate the life you have

You may not be the smartest or the richest but you are truly grateful for the life that you have. You appreciate the people in your life, you are positive about the future and how far you have come. You know that there is so much more that you have to offer and you are thankful each day that you have to achieve your goals. You represent the true definition of a wealthy human being.

5. You practise mindfulness

You take the time to be present and to create a space for yourself to quiet your mind from the noise and distractions of everyday life. This is your time to focus on the moment, to not overthink or worry about life’s obstacles. You are learning the importance of being kind to yourself.

6. You say ‘YES’ a lot

The secret to leading your best life is to come out of your comfort zone. For every unexpected adventure you are more than willing to say yes to the chance to experience all this world has to offer. Saying yes will open doors to opportunities that you never thought was possible. You get to discover people and places that were once unimaginable but it is now your reality.

7. You also say no

You say no to the things that no longer benefit you. You are letting go of any negativity and the toxic circumstances that once consumed you. In order to live your best life you have thrown out old routines.

8. Life does not revolve around you

You are continuously growing as a person and are aware that life is not just about you and finding your purpose. It is also about being there for others and giving back to society in a positive way. You know that life does not revolve around you.

9. You do not fear change

Change is inevitable. Life is constantly changing. You no longer fear change. Instead you embrace change. When one door closes another is opening for you. You fear predictability and you fear the same routine day in and day out. Change brings excitement and leads to a more authentic way of life.

10. You are staying true to yourself

Life is too short to want to be someone other than yourself. When you are living your best life you follow your own core beliefs and values that align with who you are. You are not conforming to what other people expect from you and you don’t follow the crowd. You are honest with yourself and this does not make you a selfish person. You are simply staying true to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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