25 Things About Life, Friendship, And The Pursuit Of Happiness I've Learned At 25

10 Honest Truths That You’re Growing As A Person

1. You are uncomfortable with where you are in life.

You are not happy with your present situation and are becoming more dissatisfied everyday. You know that your life needs to change. Whether that requires you to change your current job or your current relationship you know that something has got to give. You are constantly questioning your life purpose and the feeling of self-doubt is intensifying within your psyche. You wonder if your life will ever make sense again. Being uncomfortable is all part of growing as an individual and you are slowly learning to embrace feeling this way.

2. Your social circle is getting smaller.

Despite your countless Facebook friends and Instagram followers you are beginning to count your true friends on one hand. You are spending less time with people who drain your energy and bring nothing but negativity. You are slowly getting rid of toxic people in your life. Instead you are investing more time and effort with the people who mean the most to you.

3. You are learning to say no.

You are becoming more assertive and learning to say no to the things that no longer benefit you. At first you felt guilty because you hate letting people down. But you know that putting yourself first is more important. This does not mean that you are a selfish human being. You are just no longer willing to be a people pleaser. You are setting boundaries and are no longer going to commit to more than you can handle. You are giving yourself more free time to practise self-care. You want to live your life on your own terms. You are simply taking control of your own destiny.

4. You fear failure.

You fear the unknown. You fear change. You fear that you may not achieve anything in your life. You fear what the future will bring. Feelings of anxiety and confusion begin to surface. To break free from those feelings you know that you will have to escape your comfort zone and confront your fears. You know that you need to start taking risks and risk failing or being rejected in order to reach your true potential.

5. You are spending more time alone.

You have an increased desire to spend time alone. Life is fast paced and you are used to being pulled in so many different directions. There is never a moment to just sit and simply chill by yourself. You need the space to mentally recharge. You are spending more time in solitude to refocus. You may sit and write in your journal or practise meditation but you know that time alone has become a necessity in your daily routine.

6. You are less concerned with what other people think about you.

You are no longer taking what people say about your appearance, your relationship status, your sexuality or your life choices personally. Life is too short for you to concern yourself with the opinions of others. You are a making a conscious decision to not give a damn. You are beginning to trust your own intuition and follow the life you want.

7. Nothing seems to excite you anymore.

Life has become predictable. Your routine has become boring. You have reached a point where you no longer feel that excitement that you used to feel before. You know deep down that you have to work on yourself and start to pursue your passions. Rather than drown in self-pity you know that you have to dust yourself off and seek out the experiences that will truly make you happy.

8. You are selectively dating.

You are no longer interested in dating several people at once. You are starting to weed out the people that do not share the same qualities as you. Getting trapped in a bad relationship or simply settling does not appeal to you. You are no longer compromising your happiness. You refuse to settle just so you can say that you are in a relationship. You are willing to be patient and allow the right person into your life.

9. You are spending less time on social media.

While you still like to stay connected online you don’t spend each moment checking your Instagram or Twitter feed. You realise the importance of stepping away from social media and spending more time interacting with people face to face in real life rather than through a screen.

10. You question yourself all the time.

You question if you are heading in the right direction. You wonder if you are making the right decisions. You have become so accustomed to doing things a certain way that the idea of breaking the mould is frightening. You know deep down that this is not going to be an easy journey but a journey that is necessary nonetheless. This is part of your growth. You know that in order to lead an authentic and fulfilling life you have to be prepared to take control of your own destiny. Because only you hold the power. You will get through this important phase in your life. [parn0919]

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