13 Telltale Signs You’re Trapped In A Relationship With A Subtle Narcissist

Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23
Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

1. They always come first, they are the important one in the friendship/relationship. They don’t make plans according to your schedule, they just let you to wait around all day for them and automatically expect that you will be ready and at their service when they come calling.

2. If you do something they don’t like, you’re crazy and terrible, and they make it known. But if they do something you don’t like, you can’t say anything- and when you do, you are wrong and that’s the end of it.

3. They expect to have a better career or job than you, and get freaked out if they don’t. When they suspect you’re doing better than them, getting a promotion, an exciting venture started, etc., they find a way to bring you down. Even if it’s subtle, they find a way to undermine and make you feel like you are still not as good as them. You would never do this to them.

4. They never admit when they’re wrong. Even when they are, they will always find a way to put the blame on you. And the funny part is, they truly do believe nothing is their fault.

5. They cover up by saying it’s all just their sense of humor. They never really mean it when they’re dogging you or putting you down. It’s not a joke when it’s the only thing that comes out of your mouth, dude.

6. They won’t be seen with certain people/doing/posting certain things. Because they think it will bruise their ego or reputation, that in reality, they probably don’t even have. You’re not famous or as cool as you think, in spite of what your (pretty small) social media following leads you to believe.

7. They are constantly noticing and picking out things they don’t like. Especially about your appearance. Simple as that.

8. They like to break rules. Going against social norms and what everyone else likes or does is their thing. They love the attention it draws, even if they don’t realize they do.

9. They can be really draining to be around. When you’re with them you may seem fine, but afterwards you can feel very heavy. They’re often pretty negative, and you often find yourself either wasting energy trying to reason with them or forcing yourself to brush their attitude off just to keep the peace. Pretending can be exhausting.

10. It’s almost as if you’re constantly trying to impress them. Because they make you feel never good enough. You’re also doing this because you never you want to upset them, but if they notice you’re purposely doing this, it makes them even more mad.

11. You spend way too much time trying to figure out why they are the way they are. Or/and why they do the things they do. Their motives hardly ever make sense, and as much as you try to piece it together, they’re always hot and cold for what seems like no solid reason. It’s a never ending circle of confusion.

12. You get used to feeling bad about yourself, and you’re the only one who doesn’t notice. Your friends or loved ones in your life all notice that you’re being treated like shit, or that you’ve been down on yourself lately. They try to tell you you’re in a toxic relationship/friendship, but you continue to make excuses for said toxic person and you think everything is fine.

13. “It’s not easy being superior to everyone I know.” This is a quote I saw earlier, but if you saw it and you immediately thought of the narcissist in your life and how they probably think that to themselves every night before they go to sleep, you’re definitely dealing with one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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