I ‘Fell in Love’ In College And It Mostly Sucked

iStockPhoto.com / CoffeeAndMilk
iStockPhoto.com / CoffeeAndMilk

I was in college for about two months until I called it quits because I saw everyone from high school and I felt as though I was reliving my dreadful high school years (except, not really, I just thought college was boring at the time). Some faces I recognized from college were starting to follow me on social media and I thought to myself: Did my nudes just leak or are people actually following me because they want to befriend me?

Luckily, no nudes were leaked in the process. With all the social media traffic I was getting, you’d think so. It was just the start of a new year, I guess. Among the many faces I recognized were a few I’d never seen before. I remember on freshman orientation day, there was this guy who looked about my age and he was so handsome that my eyes were locked on this guy for the remainder of the orientation. Every one has that moment in which they feel that time isn’t a concept and it doesn’t exist which leads us to forget what we’re doing. Well, that was me. I was that girl. As soon as everyone started to move and head out the door, I then realized orientation was over. I was gathering all my belongings and headed out the door accidentally bumping into “Handsome Guy” which made us lock eyes for a few minutes.

“Oops, sorry, go ahead,” he gestured for me to head out the door first.

I smiled and (embarrassingly) blushed. I knew I was blushing because my face felt as if it was sunburnt. I hope he didn’t see that, I thought. At the time, I didn’t have a car or a dorm yet, so I had to wait for my mother to pick me up. From a distance, I could see, right as he was going to hop in his car, he turned around and started jogging towards me. I looked around, confused, my eyebrows making weird caterpillar movements. He asked if I wanted to accompany him at a party he was going to later that night. It was going to be a party filled with people from orientation. I asked him where the party would be held to which he replied, “some dude’s house.” Reassuring much. He gave me his number and sent the address to my phone as we both parted ways.

Later that night I got ready and took my mother’s car in hopes of seeming like a “grown-up” (which, as I got older, only made me wish to go back to being a teenager). I arrived at the destination with the help of my good friend, Siri. I walked in there and saw “Handsome Guy” pouring himself a drink. He asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yes.

Let’s fast forward to my decision of quitting college two months later. “Handsome Guy” and I were dating for those first two months of college. Little did I know, he cheated on me with a girl in my English class who also happened to be one of the prettiest girls on campus. Shocker. I was angry, sad, but mostly humiliated. That anger and sadness then turned into what I now like to call: Tears and Cheers, which is a process one goes through after a shitty breakup. You cry, drink wine, get wine-drunk, watch rom-coms on Netflix, and bake lots of cookies. I thought the name fit just perfect with the actions that it involves. I would go through quite a few Tears and Cheers in my life, but not all of them resulted in going down that process. In some cases, I would actually be happy to be single because let’s face it: every one loves to be independent.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t wholeheartedly trust “college guys,” but I was a naïve little one back in my teenage years who believed in the magic of loovveee while college guys believe in the magic of sex. I guess you can say it all worked itself out in a pretty good way because “Handsome Guy” now flips burgers and I live in paradise a.k.a Hawaii. I’m also married. Don’t forget that everyone goes through Tears and Cheers.

Sometimes going through that is a good thing because then you finally come to a realization that there’s someone out there who is 10x better and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. With that being said, don’t fall for the *manly surfer-dude voice* “but, babe, it’s college, it’s not real life” guy because he’s a douche bag and guys who say that usually end up single for a long time and can’t keep a steady job or a steady girlfriend. Loveth Thy Tears and Cheers! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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