They Never Wanted To Say Goodbye But They Did

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They will always remember the best moments your fragile heart gave them but when they finally reach out to you remember they left knowing what they had to lose. The hurt they put you through will be their burden to bear because you will become stronger in their absence.

You memorized the hurt that left you sobbing in your favorite places when the painstaking flashbacks haunted your most valiant effort to move on. They left you wondering what you did wrong. You learned that time is an illusion, the days feeling like years when comparing them to the aching seconds it took for them to turn around and walk away from everything. Then experience became the saving grace, you picked up the pieces of yourself all by yourself. You became gentle enough to give yourself time to heal. Suddenly, you stopped changing the narrative you created in your head that once justified their actions. Facing the reality that their excuses will always outweigh the effort they try to make when it became too late. There will come a point when you realize that no amount of love you give will make them love themselves enough to come back to the person that gave them the best parts of everything they had to offer. When they reach out again be brave enough to realize that it’s not a sign that they are finally ready but rather a reminder that you are better off.

Remember they chose to stop showing up.

When life threw you in a whirlwind of emotion they were not there to dry your tears.

You did that.

When unexpected circumstances challenged the nature of your resilience, they were not there to be your support system.

You were.

When you needed companionship to fill the discomfort of silence that loneliness sometimes brought you, they were not there to remind you that you are not alone.

You kept showing up for yourself, despite the hurt.

When you are on top of the world celebrating your greatest accomplishments, they will not be there because that climb was too high, the feat too risky, and you too deserving of something more.

You will find your true self again by immersing your efforts into passions that lead to your purpose.

And once you do, you will discover that you never have to ask the right one to stay they will keep showing up and your own journey forward will fuel them in the same direction as you. When you stop searching for a world gazing into the eyes of another heart that could never hold you instead, the vision of a better life you create for yourself will attract someone who operates at the same caliber.

You will realize that your destiny was never tied to someone who chose to leave and they will always remember what they left behind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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