When You Meet Them

Pablo Heimplatz / Unsplash

We saw each other and felt connected for no concrete reason, we had to exchange names; I had to find out just who you were to me because in a world where we experience a million exchanges with people who are “just passing by,” by some undeniable miracle, we collided here, in the same place, at the same time.

You quickly became my kryptonite.

You pushed me past my breaking point; you made me vulnerable, unraveled the seams of good intentions that stitched together my flaws and mistakes that I attempted to hide from the world, from myself.

You matched me, in every emotional, physical, and mental aspect, you stood there tall, a mirrored image of the best and worst parts of me.

My intuition when it came to you burned comparable to hell fire in the deepest parts of my body, we predicted each other’s moves, we could physically feel a shift in emotions, we can felt the presence of one another before visually seeing each other. You always found me in the middle a dim, crowded room.

I would be mad about the same stupid situations, give you a piece of my mind, call you out on all your wrongdoings, and painfully listen to you explain yourself poorly because you were never good with your words, but I forgave you anyway, because you are by no means perfect.

We were by no means perfect, there was no right way we could have done this, the way we did it was the only way, the best way because we fell in love so fast yet so fearlessly.

When you left, you forced me to live a life with passion and purpose, you taught me to be gentle and love the parts of me that I thought were only emotionally damaged at best.

You will miss me in the dead of night because you can’t have me.

Despite the circumstances, the timing, the places we try to runaway from each other, we will know what we’ve always known. That what we had was brief but real, dysfunctional but healing, madness but loving.

Looking back, I guess we always knew just what we were to each other, we just had to be reminded that soulmates do exist. TC mark


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