I’ll Always Think Of You When That One Song Plays

Mikayla Herrick / Unsplash

I had always skipped that song it was probably my least favorite on the album, then suddenly the memories we made became attached to it, and now I play it just to remember you on my loneliest days. That night still comes to my mind so clearly, the room itself was well lit and as your green eyes focused on mine it’s as if everything around me suddenly went dark, as if I could only feel. Feel your gaze, your presence, this sensational feeling of something unpredictable, and spontaneous. Anxiously waiting for what was possibly going to happen next. In that singular moment when our eyes locked across the room as that song started to play, you were brave enough to get up and ask me to dance, and I was brave enough to say yes. Scared half to death because I knew I had two left feet, or at least I thought I did. You brought something out of me that night, you held me so close. You dipped me backward, spun me around myself, then I landed right back where I felt I truly belonged, right in your arms and we slow danced across the entire living room floor of your apartment so effortlessly. Your touch left electricity flowing through my veins. We said nothing but felt everything in that moment, we were physically silent never saying a word but our souls were screaming on the inside telling us he/she is the one. It was absolutely flawless the way we moved around each other, and then when the song finally came to an end there we were standing there in each other’s arms just staring so intensely at one another, no one has ever looked at me the way you did. Breathless, not having a clue about what just happened. Its as if we had awakened a feeling so pure, as if we entered a universe where you and I got to coexist seamlessly, only to come back to the cruel uncertain reality we had to face next. TC mark

I enjoy dancing to 80’s music.

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