12 Advantages To Being Single That Make It Effing Fantastic

Twenty20 / jrharris3
Twenty20 / jrharris3

If you’re single, congratulations! — You’re in excellent company.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 50.2 percent of American adults are single.
For the first time in history, more Americans are single than married!

And for good reason. The single lifestyle offers a long list of kick-ass opportunities and perks that couples don’t get to enjoy. While being in love is amazing, here are 12 insightful reasons why the single life is more FUN than ever before:

1. You can kiss anyone you want

You can flirt with and kiss anyone you want, anytime you want (like that hot guy you just met at happy hour). That’s pretty exciting!

2. You don’t have to compromise

Relationships are hard work. When you’re single, you don’t have to deal with anyone but you. There is no fighting, no hurt feelings, life is (mostly) drama-free, and you love it.

3. You spend money the way you want to

You can buy that pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, donate gobs of money to your favorite charity, treat yourself to a decadent spa weekend, and even save up for your dream home.
No one  tells you how to spend your dough. It’s all yours.

4. Your friends are your family

When you’re single, you have time to develop deep friendships, the kind where you really depend on one another. You get to choose who your close friends are and you get to spend as much time with them as you want.

5. You get the whole closet to yourself

No more cramming your clothes into one corner of the closet. Stretch out and take all the space you need, because you get the entire closet all to yourself.

6. You can travel wherever and whenever you want

You can hop on a flight to visit your college roommate for the weekend or book a hiking trip to the Canadian Rockies. Cross places off of your travel bucket list, because you don’t have to consider what anyone else wants in the matter.

It’s all about YOU. Bon Voyage!

7. You get to pick the radio station and the TV channel

No more fighting over which music to listen to in the car or whether to watch football or HGTV. You have clicker control, and it’s your road trip. You’re in charge.

8. You can pass gas whenever you want to

Come on, we know everybody does it. You don’t have to hold them in any more. Fart away.

9. You can decorate to your taste

You don’t have to fight about where to put his ugly man-chair or the black leather couch he’s had since college. Hang a crystal chandelier from the bathroom ceiling and paint your bedroom hot pink. It’s going to look great!

10. You’ve learned to enjoy being alone

For many people, being alone means being lonely — but not for you. You’ve spent enough time flying solo to appreciate your own good company. You enjoy time with friends but also look forward to being alone. You enjoy solitude.

11. You have time to devote to your passions

Join an evening tennis league or sign up for a painting class at the local art school! You can commit some time to train for a triathlon, so join a training group. Whatever floats your boat, you get to do it.

Be passionate and have fun!

12. You have time to get your priorities straight before you enter a relationship

Being single gives you a unique opportunity to discover who you are on the deepest level. You can create a life that is uniquely your own based on YOUR priorities. Once you’ve created a life that works just right for you, then go look for someone to share it with.

There’s no better time to find love than when your life is already awesome!

I’d love to hear from you! What do you enjoy about being single? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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