Here’s To The Ones Who Aren’t Afraid Of Their Own Feelings

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We’ve been living in a world that has failed to love, a world that has succumbed to hatred, and a world that has been so unfairly cruel. But in this cold world, there are some of those who still believe in hope, despite having been hurt.

So here’s to the ones who feel, the precious angels who shower the world with their hearts, their empathy — even to the ones undeserving of it.

Here’s to the sensitive ones
, those called ‘petty’, those told to just ‘get over it’ because you’re apparently making a big deal out of things. You are so, so strong to have withstood all the pains and heartaches that came your way. Your tears simply show your resilience, and you are much, much more than what others think of you.

Here’s to the overthinkers
, the ones who analyze every single detail. The ones who blame it all on themselves. You are loved by many — please stop punishing yourselves, I’m giving you the reassurance that everything will be ok eventually and you don’t need to put it all on yourselves.

Here’s to the ones who’ve gone through hell and back
, those who have withstood the hardships life has thrown at them. Thank you for your resilience that has become an inspiration to the world.

But most of all, here’s to that individual who feels like the universe would rejoice if he/she would just disappear. I’m not one to say, but you are a priceless component of this world. I know it seems like an endless spiral of problems, but you will get through things. You will get out of this much, much stronger. So please believe in yourself, because I do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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