30 Other Things Every Woman Should Know By 30

A list of “30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know” has been popping up everywhere lately. Most recently on The Huffington Post, where it has received 22,800 Facebook “likes” and over 3,000 “Pins” in the past two days alone. The advice includes making sure you have “a black lace bra” and “an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying.” (Because those are the items women need to lead inspired lives.) Over the years I’ve compiled my own list, which I’d like to share with you now. It assumes a basic knowledge of rain gear and undergarments.
  1. Always ask for more money at your job, even if you don’t think you deserve it.
  2. Try to be kind to the people who are rude to you. It’s not personal, they’re just having a really bad day/month/life.
  3. Don’t go to doctors that advertise. Ask a friend for a recommendation.
  4. If you are hungover, drink water, eat a banana and try to sleep it off.
  5. If you believe in opportunity, opportunity will present itself.
  6. Sometimes when things are really bad, you just have to go through the motions of your life until they get better.
  7. Surround yourself by only the books, images, music and people that make you happy.
  8. Your ability to speak honestly about your weaknesses, failures and disappointments is your greatest strength.
  9. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping other people.
  10. There really are plenty of fish in the sea.
  11. Wear sunscreen or a hat when you’re in strong sunlight.
  12. You need to take the big risk, even if it scares the living crap out of you.
  13. Sometimes water is thicker than blood.
  14. Shoes that are too tight can be stretched by a shoemaker.
  15. Don’t worry about living a life that looks good on paper.
  16. Go to the gynecologist every year, even if you hate it.
  17. Be careful about confiding personal information. Relationships change.
  18. Go to events and parties and lectures you have no interest in going to.
  19. Ask yourself what you want. Then take the necessary steps to get it.
  20. Don’t stay in a bad relationship because of the anticipated misery of a breakup.
  21. When you have a headache, drink a glass of water before you do anything else. It might just be dehydration.
  22. Anyone worth having sex with should think that you’re gorgeous the way you are.
  23. When people are speaking gibberish English with a bunch of unrelated words strung together they’re usually talking about a band.
  24. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you’re with the right person.
  25. You can have a fulfilling life without ever having kids.
  26. Do what comes naturally to you, it’s what you’ll have the most success at.
  27. Be thankful that things you wished for didn’t come true. Know that this will happen again.
  28. Let yourself be happy when you’re happy.
  29. Force yourself to overcome your fears.
  30. Remember that no one else has it figured out either. TC mark
image – Chris Willis


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  • Andrew Rowland

    This is great advice for men too with one exception (16… imalookingatchu… i think i’d swap you out for the other kind of junk doctor)

  • Lilytse_120

    Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/annie_roo annie

    “14. Shoes that are too tight can be stretched by a shoemaker. ”

    you’ve just changed my life for the better. 

  • http://wolfwhistle.org/ Amy

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  • Kesh

    #17, 24, 25. Yes. 

  • God

    31. Your time spent reading Thought Catalog could be put to better use. 

    • Scott

      God, what an asshole…

    • Sarahraser

      You’re here to type that out,  thus you read Thought Catalog. Seemingly you did not put your time to better use. 

      32. Do not heed to your own negativity.

      • God

        I am using my time management mistake as a platform to help others. 

  • Anonn

    I love this and totally needed it today. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Anonn

    Ps. This is 100000000000X better than the Glamour one.

  • http://twitter.com/MisiaGalka Misia Galka

    This was awesome, at 25 this is exactly what I needed to hear, affirming that yes this is the shit that matters, and I’m on track  by not having everything figured out because that’s an unattainable goal.

  • Kate

    27. on repeat. 

  • Jas

    I disagree with your hangover cure. I find that two ibuprofen, a Diet Coke/Lucozade Energy/the American equivalent and a bit of greasy food (fried breakfast, burger etc) is much more effective.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hannah-Moire/100002582319456 Hannah Moire

    Thank you for this. Glamour’s list made me feel like a failure, then I realize I probably don’t want to be the kind of girl Glamour thinks I should be. Your list feels much more appropriate to my life.

  • http://twitter.com/MerDiann Meredith Hirt

    I agree with some. I disagree with others. But they all made me think.

  • Sophia

    Now here’s a list post I can believe in. I think I might print this out and put it on my wall as rules to live by.

  • http://www.about.me/tanyasalyers Tanya Salyers

    fantastic, realistic advice that I feel you actually learned from.

  • mookie

    “23. When people are speaking gibberish English with a bunch of unrelated words strung together they’re usually talking about a band.” 
    AKA I’m a girl and I’m dumb!

    • Yesman


    • Yesman


    • messjess

      Yeah – what the hell does being a girl have to do with it? Yes the author’s female, but my bullshit radar’s picking up on some sexism here. 

  • Lynette

    25.  You can have a fulfilling life without ever having kids.

    Conversely, you can have a fulfilling life with kids without ever getting married.
    Additionally, single parenting does not require living in poverty.  Rise above.

  • Tavasthi

    totally useless. things insecure women need to hear about growing up that they couldn’t learn from primetime TV.

    maybe some of your points could have used context or a more specific use? or maybe anecdotes so it didn’t just become a list of cliches or tired advice.

    • http://twitter.com/xsssy xsssy


    • messjess

      What makes you thing these things only apply to insecure women? & by the way, EVERYONE is insecure to some extent.
      Personally I quite liked the article.

    • Yes Ma'am

       YOU are a cliche. YOU are.

  • Gene

    >1. Always ask for more money at your job, even if you don’t think you deserve it.

    NO. Don’t ever do this. If you want/need more money, then do your job in a way that proves you deserve it. 

    • Kate

      The key word there is *think* you deserve it. A lot of women are unnecessarily critical of their own work and don’t give themselves enough credit. xoxo. 

    • Zoe12

      Businesses often under pay people. If you are waiting around for a company to just naturally believe in your value you will stay at your current position and at your current salary a very long time. 

  • Embarrassed4u

    New low for TC.

    Thanks Ryan.

  • Jana

    This is f*&^ing great.

  • Guest

    I disagree. If you don’t believe you should be making more money, why should anyone else believe you? Also, my hungover self would never eat a banana. 

  • guest

    I personally think this is great. I don’t understand why posts that aren’t a)hilarious or b)downright angsty automatically get ripped to shreds.

  • guest

    I’d have to say the ultimate hangover recipe is Excedrin/Advil and down a pedialyte (things to have in fridge lol)  before passing out (rehydrates and cures headache)…

  • Fredgal88

    although this might not be the end all to be all.. important things to remember and to keep you on the right track. you missed the point if you are writing an angry response.

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