Maybe Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason, But It Always Is What It Is

image - Unsplash / Billy Lam
image – Unsplash / Billy Lam

I’m the kind of person who tries to figure everything out. Why did this happen? Why did they do that? What’s the reason for this? I come up with a dozen possible scenarios in my head, racking my brain for answers that I will never have.

Everything happens for a reason is the quote I try and convince myself to believe in. Because we all need reassurance sometimes, don’t we? But, what if everything doesn’t happen for a reason? What if life is just real and raw, and sometimes really shitty things happen to really good people for no reason at all.

Life isn’t a math formula. Sometimes things don’t always add up. Not everything fits perfectly together. There isn’t always an answer. We can search for a rhyme and a reason until we are blue in the face, obsessing over the why’s? of life until they ultimately end up sucking the life out of us.

Every aspect of your life doesn’t need to be rationalized. Life is for living, not figuring things out. We will never know why certain things happen, but just that they do. We need to take things for what they are. We think we’ll find comfort in knowing the reason why something happened. We won’t. The reason behind the action won’t change the action. We have to accept that sometimes it simply is what it is.

So, maybe that right there is the real quote we need to focus on believing in instead—it is what it is. We need to stop feeding ourselves bullshit and face reality. The reality that no, not everything happens for a reason. We all get dealt cards we don’t deserve. But, what matters most is how we cope with the things that happen to us that we just can’t seem to make sense of. Because in the end it doesn’t matter what happens, but more importantly how you react to it. How you choose to embrace a once in a lifetime opportunity, or pick up the pieces and push forward through something that could eat you alive.

It’s the ups and downs of life that make us who we are. Don’t dwell on why they happen, just accept that they do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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