If You Ever Feel Like Your Heart Is In Two Places At Once

If you ever feel like your heart is in two places at once, know that you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Your heart will carry both places within you and remind you that you are one of the few people lucky enough to know the joy of finding a home away from home. You might not realize it, but the bravery and courage you had to pour your heart into a new beginning allowed you to create this home despite missing so many familiar feelings.

Never discount the fact that you were strong enough to be vulnerable and find peace and love in a new place even when your heart yearned for it’s original home.

It took even more strength to choose this new home for your soul when you knew it would create a division in your heart. But be grateful for that division because it gave you access to a rare kind of love which exists because of your affair with a place rather than a person.

This is a love born from the appreciation of new experiences and connections that expanded your mind, fed your soul and freed your spirit.

This is the only kind of love that is capable of ensuring you end up exactly where you are meant to be. So, never take this kind of love you have so bravely discovered for granted.

Although this kind of love grows from the peace your soul finds in a new place, it can also be found in a person you meet there.

By choosing a home worthy enough to house your courageous heart, you will attract the type of person who understands how precious and rare such a heart is.

Someone with this understanding will never try to get rid of the division your heart might always feel when it comes to your past and present homes. Instead, they will celebrate this division and encourage you to spend time with it whenever you question your strength to continue to choose your new home.

They will remind you that even though it has been hard, your own brave choices gave you an unrivaled love for both the place and person your soul deserves.

So don’t close your heart off in hopes of protecting it in case it needs to flee back to its original home, because you will be robbing yourself from potentially experiencing one of the most enriching forms of love. For loving someone whose heart was molded from different experiences than your own is how your soul will continue to find ideas, emotions and adventures that give it life.

When your soul is nourished by this kind of love it will continually choose the place you found that love in because now you have someone who protects and cherishes your peace as fiercely as you do.

When two souls choose to protect the peace they have found they will always find a home within one another.

You will find this type of home and be thankful you didn’t give up on the place you so courageously crashed your heart into.

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