10 Things You Need For A Successful Stakeout

When there’s nothing else you can get from social media, there’s the traditional stalking. And if you have no idea where to start, maybe it’s time to have a stakeout. You either go to a place that the person you are stalking is most likely to go to. My best bet would be his house. You can also see his comings and goings as well as if there’s someone else on his arm.
Amazon / Along Came A Spider
Amazon / Along Came A Spider

1. Car

It’s better if you bring a car he does not recognize. Borrow one if he knows what you or your family members already drive. This will also be your base for quite a while so make sure you can store everything you need in it.

2. Camera

Who goes stalking without a camera? Do you want what you see to be momentarily ingrained in your memory or to be forever-ized in a photo that you can look at over and over again?

3. Food and water

It’s important to recharge and rehydrate. You never know how long you have to sit there before he comes along. Bring a cooler to keep your refreshments cold. A couple of beers would also be a nice way to relax but don’t get tipsy! Otherwise, you might just be wandering aimlessly in your target’s territory.

4. A good book

This will help pass the time. Whether it’s the Divergent series or a Jane Eyre classic, make sure you are still alert. You might be too engrossed with the novel that your target has already come and gone without you noticing.

5. Dance music

When waiting becomes tiring and your eyelids begin to droop, play some great dance music to keep you from drifting into a deep slumber. Think of Kesha, Avicii or a Britney Spears remix.

6. Powerbank and smart phone

This is a must! You could never run out of batteries. When all else fails, your ever reliable smartphone will be there to keep you company. You can always do your best not to get a zero with Flappy Bird.

7. Your comfy bunny slippers

It wouldn’t hurt to be comfortable. After all, you wouldn’t run after your target if you see him. (Please don’t. It’s beyond enough that you’re doing this already.)

8. A friend

It’s better if you can drag a friend to go with you. Just make sure that your friend will keep you sane, not insane!

9. Chocolates

Get your favorite kind so you can have something that will make you a tad bit better when the stakeout turns out to be a disappointment.

10. A journal

Whether it’s a digital one or a traditional pen and paper, jot down things you observed and the experience and emotions you had. You know why? So that will be enough for you to remember that you should not ever do this again! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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