9 Easy Stress Relievers That Might Seem Silly As An Adult But Really Work

As adults, we’re sometimes not given much leeway to act as children again. We’ve got bills to pay, families to feed, and careers to manage. But we should give ourselves some downtime every now and then — especially to act like a kid and get away with it. Here are some quick, useful stress relievers you can do to release your inner child.

1. Coloring.

We all liked to fill in those pretty shapes as a kid in elementary school — why not do it again as a grown up? Head to your local dollar store and pick up a coloring book and some crayons. I promise it’ll be much more calming than you remembered.

2. Jumping on a trampoline.

Not only is it fun, it’s a good form of exercise as well. If you’re strapped for cash, get a one-person trampoline and bounce your way to peace.

3. Bowling.

Hanging out with friends at the bowling alley on a Friday night is a great way to let off some steam. Plus, it gives you the perfect excuse to throw something.

4. Playing dress-up.

Some of us are so consumed with our jobs that we hardly wear anything that could be considered fun. Spend a Saturday afternoon wearing random clothes and let your fashion sense (or lack thereof) take over!

5. Rolling down a grassy hill.

The idea sounds dangerous and childish (as does everything else on this list). But what better way to let out some stress than by letting gravity do the work for you? Just make sure you’re not dressed in your Sunday best.

6. Singing or mashing on instruments.

We’ve all got the next-door neighbor who blasts their music too loud or can’t carry a tune. Take your turn to be that neighbor today! Slam notes on the piano, lip-sync or sing to your favorite tune in the shower or try your hand at karaoke! You might not be the next American Idol, but at least you’ll be having fun.

7. Spinning around in your chair.

The highlights of elementary school were often things as simple as getting to sit in a swivel chair and spinning yourself around until you got sick (or a detention). If you’re feeling the pressure of adulthood, let it go with a few 360-degree spins.

8. Climbing a jungle gym.

Who didn’t love the monkey bars growing up? The sheer thought of falling into the lava was enough to get any kid excited. Take a step back into memory lane and swing, slide or climb your way through (while ignoring the confused stares you’ll most likely get).

9. Popping bubble wrap.

An instant stress reliever if I’ve ever heard of one. Pop those bubbles with excitement (and possibly vengeance on a particularly stressful day) and relish in the relief. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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