11 Ways To Stay Motivated And Energized At An Office Job


Many of us are all too familiar with the daily nine-to-five grind, which can sometimes it can get dreadfully boring, especially if it’s not a job we enjoy doing. To help combat it, here are 11 different things you can start doing to make your office job less of a chore.

Listen to your favorite station on Spotify/Pandora

If your boss allows it and it’s not too loud, start listening to your favorite music. It’ll help the day go by much quicker.

Take short breaks

Allocate 5-10 minutes per hour to get up, go outside, walk around, and stretch. You’ll be more productive taking a couple of breaks throughout the day rather than sitting on your butt for eight hours straight.

Eat outside for your lunch break

Don’t eat in front of your computer. Leave the electronics behind and take your meal outside. Enjoy the outdoors while you munch on your lunch.

Clean your office area

You’ll be surprised at how motivated and energized you can become with a neat and tidy desk. Throw or shred unnecessary documents and file the rest into folders.

Buy a bamboo or succulent plant

A little plant can easily spruce up your office space; plus it’s nice to look at. Don’t forget to water the little guy!

Reduce screen brightness

Your eyes may be hurting if your computer screen is too bright. Tone it down and look away from the computer once in a while to get your focus back.

Open the windows or doors

If you’ve got your own office, let the sunshine in! Give yourself some more space to breathe and let nature take its course. If this isn’t possible, revert to #2.

Drink water or green tea frequently

Stay hydrated throughout the day with some healthy liquids. If you don’t have the time to brew a cup, make it at home before the workday.

Sit up or lean back

Don’t hunch over your desk and arch your back. If you’ve got a flexible office chair, lean back in it to reduce pressure on your back. Otherwise, sit up straight.

Wear comfortable clothes

This pretty much goes without saying. If your heels are bothering you, trade them in for flats. If you can’t breathe in your suit, wear looser attire. Unless you’ve got a super-important meeting, find more comfortable clothes to wear throughout the day while still adhering to the dress code. If you’re not sure what the dress code is, ask your boss for clarification.

Come in earlier or later

If your schedule and work environment is flexible, ask if you can start your workday a little earlier or later than usual. Starting some days at a different time can help keep you on your toes – just make sure you ask your boss first and don’t abuse this luxury frequently. TC Mark

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