Here’s What These 9 Sexist Statements ACTUALLY Mean

1. “I screamed like a girl.”

I shrieked really loudly, but I want to imply that females are wimps and cannot handle things that my macho self can!

2. “You throw like a girl.”

You’re weak. End of story. You can’t throw far, fast, or with any strength whatsoever.

3. “Man up.”

Toughen up. Take no shit. Do NOT under any circumstance display any amount of vulnerability, fear, weakness, or discomfort. Is that a tear? Put it away!

4. “Be a man.”

You know what I mean – be strong. Be impenetrable. Emotions get in the way; therefore, it is best not to have them. You are brawn and brains. Be the one at the top of the food chain!

5. “She’s crazy.”

She has emotions. She is expressing those emotions. This is unacceptable, therefore there must be something wrong with her. Or worse, she is different from me. I don’t understand where she is coming from or her views; therefore, there is most definitely something wrong with her. Now this statement is also equivalent to “such a nasty woman.”

6. “Grow a pair (of balls)”

Balls indicate strength and superiority. Balls are a symbol of masculinity, if you’ve got a pair, you are powerful. If you could grow a pair of balls, you will be strong and superior.

7. “Wearing the pants (in the relationship)”

If you are wearing the pants, congratulations, you are protected and in control. Your partner follows whatever you do.

8. “Whipped.”

You are treating the other person in your relationship with respect, but to the outside world, it looks like you are submitting to them and their every whim.

9. “Boys will be Boys.”

Let it slide. Let it be. Leave it alone. Brush that guy’s behavior under the rug. Contribute the action of males to their being males. Do not hold them accountable or responsible for what they do. Their actions are excusable, and maybe even acceptable because after all, they are boys. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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