8 Real Reasons Girls Love Fall (That Aren’t Pumpkin Spice Lattes)

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Twenty20 / kirillvasilevphotography

Load up the jeep, uncover the convertible, and pick out a cute cover-up, because it’s summer and we’re headed to the beach! Hooray! But, come mid-August, with over a month of summer left, girls everywhere are quietly aching for autumn. We start pinning boots and long sweaters, and we may even sneak a light scarf into our late summer outfits.

Sure, everyone loves bonfires, pumpkins, apples, and a good mulled spices candle, but before you start judging us for our obsession with the first slightly amber-toned leaf we see, you may want to think about the practical reasons why we just cannot wait for fall.

1. Sweater weather beats sweating weather

By the time September rolls around, we’re tired of getting into the car, blasting the AC, and pointing the vents directly at our pits. Our outfits are all made out of moisture-wicking materials that won’t show the little waterfall we have between our boobs, and let’s not even discuss trying to sit down on anything while wearing a skirt. Summer is hot, but you know what isn’t? The constant droplets of sweat sitting on our upper lip.

2. Welcome back, jeans!

Ever try peeling off a pair of skinny jeans after a 90 degree day? It’s like skinning a chicken. And trying to wear shorts everyday requires a lot of upkeep! While razor companies are making a fortune as we try to stay stubble-free, we’re doing lunges on our way to and from everywhere just to keep our legs in peek short-wearing condition. Then when we sit down, the hem wrinkles, and suddenly we’re wearing something that resembles underwear. Bring on jeans season. Bring. It. On.

3. Comfortable cuddling

If you’re on a summer date and a guy tries to put his arm around you, the only thing going through your head is, Oh gross. Everything’s sticky. Everything. But autumn days mean cool nights and plenty of good excuses to be snuggled up in your date’s arms. Fall is the ultimate match maker. In the immortal words of “It’s Raining Men”, God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too.

4. Bye-bye humidity hair!

Want to know why the top knot became so popular? Because there is no other way to control hair when it starts going horizontal. No product, no hair brush, no angle of blow-drying can tame these tresses in summer’s humidity. But come fall, we get to bust out the straighteners and rock some styles that don’t include beach waves and buns. It’s probably the same feeling men get in Movember.

5. Low-heeled boots are perfect

Two and a half inch wedges border on looking like orthopedic grandma shoes, and unless you’re getting Botox injections in your feet, strutting around all night in anything higher is asking for blisters and an Epsom salt soak. But our highest heels make our legs looks great! What’s a girl to do? Enter boot season. A skirt and flat sandals can look childish, but a skirt and flat boots is immediately hotter. Take it up a notch and throw on a pair with a three inch chunky heel and now you’re just smokin’. Oh, and no pedicure? No problem.

6. Pumpkin beer

Fall is the season of Oktoberfest, and to be honest, nobody likes to be the one ordering a vodka soda at a Beirgarten. Even girls who don’t really like beer can get down with a good pumpkin ale or apple cider. Plus, there’s just nothing like saddling up at a bar for Sunday football and ordering a damn beer. Why yes, stud sitting across the bar, I am here for football and I’m ordering a beer. Wink.

7. Looser clothes are a girl’s best friend

Summer clothes are tight and clingy, which means we’re paying extra attention to every line and bump. Well hello, fall. Aren’t you looking lovely with your chunky knits and layered looks? Fall fashion comes along just in time to give us a second to exhale… and it leaves space for all that pumpkin spiced everything we’re about to consume.

And as if we needed any other reason to love fall…

8. Scarves. The eternal hug

Because really, who doesn’t want to look chic and professional while being hugged every second of every day by something soft and snuggly that resembles our bed sheets? Duh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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