With Love You Are Infinite


I believe that love is timeless. You cannot deny its presence if it comes in a matter of years or in seconds. Love is consuming, blissful, warm, and powerful beyond comprehension. When it is present, you are bursting. When it is there, you are full of words and songs and melodies. When it is inside you, your existence is a heartbeat. When you feel it, you are light, blissful, and high. When you are consumed by this passion, by this love, you are the most beautiful version of yourself.

And you gave me all of that. You gave me wings and taught me to fall.

I love you.


Those are the heaviest words in the universe. Those words are weightless.

I love you, and knowing that you love me too is overpowering. Hearing those words tumble from your lips is like a million blinding, breathtaking sunrises all at once after years of darkness. The way you say you love me is so definite, so fearless. Those words spoken in your tongue make me feel as if I am exploding with warmth, as if I will never feel the grip of coldness. My heart swells and soars and swears never again to know hate or anger or darkness. Your love is the most radiant sun in the blackest of skies.

You have set fire to my world. A fire that consumes every fiber of my body, a heat that is blissfully warm but never scorches or scars, a flame that never dies. My heart thrives in a wild blaze ignited by three, small, kindled embers–

I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Those words are every breath I take. They sing in my mind, beat in my heart, rush through my blood. I crave them. I want to write them on paper, scribble them in the sand and etch them in stone. I want to spill golden ink across the sky and pen them in wild cursive across the vastness, and then arrange them into constellations amongst the stars.

Love is wholly consuming, undyingly powerful, and forever burning.
Without it, you are alone and lost and cold and dark.

But with it, you are infinite. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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