17 Uncool Things 20-Somethings Do

1. Not actually reading the terms and conditions.

2. Looking down at your phone or pretending to be texting just so you can avoid your ex.

3. Making faces in front of the mirror: dude you’re like 50 years old.

4. Procrastinating.

5. Somehow trying to act like the main character of a TV show you just concluded.

6. Trying to beat the highest score on candy crush like your life totally depends on it.

7. Wasting a fair amount of time in the shower.

8. Waking up on the first snooze of the alarm but actually getting out of bed on the 32nd-ish snooze.

9. Trying like a thousand times to change the way you walk.

10. Watching “Breaking Bad” or “Boss” because that’s what everyone is talking about (even if you think every character is just boring).

11. Not liking rock music.

12. Lying. A little. To your boss.

13. Trying to keep your twitter profile and timeline mature. And failing.

14. Wearing hippy and outlandish costumes indoors.

15. Giving the famous “I’m on the way” line over a phone call when you haven’t even gotten out of bed.

16. Somehow forgetting how to spell that one word. And not believing it.

17. Having that one person you hate for no sane reason (or no reason at all). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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