7 Reasons Why President Barack Obama Is Still Awesome

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1. George W. Bush might be all over the news now with his oil paintings, but Barack Obama paints with words (quite beautifully, I might add), and has been doing so long before he was making any public speeches. Here, you can read a couple of poems he penned and got published in college when he was only nineteen, both very engaging, provoking in their own ways, and they make you wonder and wish for more (‘Underground’ is, in fact, one of my favorite poems of all time). Any old schmuck can color a canvas, you see, but it takes a real, genuine American to be able to do such elegant things with the English language.

2. It’s not Obama’s fault Obamacare started out on such a bad note. It was that woman (what was her name?) someone hired to design the website, which turned out to be a technical disaster. If it were someone else in charge of it, it would’ve been fine. Obama just wants your health insured. Is that so bad? I mean, it would be a shame if something were to happen to you, or your family, just before the holidays, right? So sign up then. Do it.

3. Obama is still our first-ever Black President. Isn’t that still worth something (or something)?

4. As far as social justice issues go, Barack Obama has proved to be one of the most sympathetic Presidents in American history, especially in the LGBT community (shame that it can’t also be said of the closeted, cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover, though I think in his case the world just wasn’t ready at the time). Obama’s crusade to end all forms of social injustice and prejudice, specifically that directed towards those of other sexual orientations, has showed us just how hard this man will work to keep things fair and balanced in America. Plus, we can tax more people now.

5. Obama has a Spotify (and I still don’t).

6. Even though Obama might have a low approval rating, Congress’s approval rating is even lower (isn’t it like 5 percent or something? Less?), and Obama has already showed us on multiple occasions that he doesn’t really give a fuck about what Congress has to say.

7. The longer he’s in office, the more disillusioned the masses will become. The more they’ll begin to look inward for answers. At least until the next one shows up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Michael Sajdak lives in Chicago, IL.

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