Something Weird Is Happening Around Town And My Father Is Still Missing

image - Flickr / Kevin Dooley
image – Flickr / Kevin Dooley

I woke up to someone on a megaphone telling us to stay indoors. 6:22AM. I’m not sure what’s going on. I ran to see if my mother was okay — she’s as bewildered as I am. She said it was someone in an APC. That’s bizarre. We’re trying to watch the news, but the signal goes in and out and there aren’t any reports of uniformed soldiers walking around neighborhoods. My mother asked me if they are doing personnel testing. I told her I seriously doubt that without telling residents first.

It’s 9:16AM right now. Almost three hours have passed there’s nothing being reported on the radio or on the news. My mother’s becoming frantic. No one is picking up their phones. We can only guess what’s happened to them.

My mother’s been trying to call the base — she says their lines seem to have been disconnected. We’re extremely worried now. We can hear more voices on a megaphone advising us to stay indoors. I’m beginning to think we should leave the house and head to another city.

I’ve tried text messaging my friends. None have answered. My father had said, the night before he disappeared, something bad was going to happen on Friday. He had said to get our suitcases ready. I think this was what he was talking about.

I’m going to load our stuff into the car. I’ll try to keep you guys posted. Good luck to all of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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