These Are Your Jams: Submit Your Music, Get Awesome Exposure

I’m Mike Nissenbaum. I’m a semi-frequent Thought Catalog contributor and avid amateur musician. It can be tough to get your stuff out there, and that sucks. I want to hear your work. I want other people to hear your work.

I’ve run this feature a few times, and its earned tens of thousands of views. Maybe small change in the internet’s grand scheme, but wider (and more random) distribution than Facebook or Twitter. Contributors have reported several hundred to over a thousand SoundCloud plays within a day of posting. To see past articles, click the “these are your jams” tag at the end of this article.

I’ve played in bands on-and-off for a long time and recently have been working on recording my own stuff. You can check out some of my writings on music for TC. I’m totally willing to listen to anything.

All genres will be accepted and this feature’s frequency will depend on the size of your response. If it’s popular enough to run daily, it will be done.

To be clear: I don’t work for Thought Catalog. I have no agreement with them. I just write for them periodically. Your music is yours. Consider this a way to expose it to more people.

The guidelines are really simple.

Send an e-mail to with the subject line “Music Submission”.

Here’s a quick checklist of what to put in the e-mail:

  • A Soundcloud link to a song of your choosing. Originals are preferred, but cool covers are OK. If the song has a music video, send over a YouTube link. We won’t embed YouTube videos, but I’ll include a link to it.
  • A short write-up about your act. No hard cap but a few sentences should do it. Where you’re from, your style, other things you may want people to know. You can include a picture as well if you have one and you think it’s important.  No submission will be turned away for lack of a picture, though.
  • A link to your website (again if you have one).
  • Anything else you may want! If you have a show or release or other notable event coming up, definitely mention that and I’ll include it in the article.

Looking forward to hearing some excellent work! If any readers aren’t recording artists themselves but know people who are, definitely tell them!

Legal Stuff: Your e-mail gives me permission to post your music on TC. It conveys no copyright or any other claim to your intellectual property. It stays yours.

Can’t wait to hear (literally) from you! TC Mark

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